Thankful Paws provides Animal Assisted Intervention programming and management services. We specialize in hospitals and nursing home program management.  Our processes will help your facility run more effectively with better patient outcomes and improved fiscal responsibility.

We believe Animal Assisted Interventions can help your patients/residents have measurable goals and improve in these areas:

  • Physical - Gait, walking speed, motor skills
  • Cognition - Memory Care, learning
  • Emotional - Empathy
  • Physiological - Reduce blood pressure and stress levels
  • Behavioral - Increased appetite and social behaviors

Contact us today to schedule a meeting to learn how to incorporate Animal Assisted Interventions at your facility, or how to improve the programming you already have. We love data just as much as we love dogs! An understanding of both are needed for the best outcomes.

Please visit our services page to discover all we do to help people and pets! In addition to our management services, we welcome the opportunity to visit your facility with our therapy dog team, provide educational programming at your school, or help an elderly person in need of pet food.

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Phone: (410) 449-0921


Mail: Thankful Paws  P.O. Box 97  Perry Hall, Maryland 21128