What We Do

Thankful Paws provides Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) to low-income elderly populations. We also provide pet food and supplies to our clients which helps their pets from being surrendered or abandoned.

Our services foster a healthier, happier life with food security and enjoying the benefits of the Human-Animal Bond. Surrounded by millions - touched by none is what we believe is happening in society. Today, people are busier, more connected and impacted by electronics and technology than human or pet touch.  Through our efforts we aim to help people reconnect to nature through companion animals. We need each other more now than ever!

Currently, we are focused on serving the elderly who live in a low-income housing facility in either Baltimore or Harford County in Maryland. Additionally, each Thanksgiving we participate with B & Dee's Baltimore Love and distribute pet food to the needy and homeless in Baltimore City.

Since we started in 2011:

  • We have distributed over 75 tons of pet food and supplies
  • Served well over 3 million meals
  • Received a Governor's Citation for establishing Maryland's First Mobile Pet Food Bank
  • Been featured in the Baltimore Sun, WBAL, CBS TV, ABC News, Country Woman Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Maryland Dog Magazine and more!
  • Participated at over 350 community events
  • Presented & Special Guest Speaker at almost 100 businesses, schools, organizations and churches
  • Kept over 100 pets from being abandoned or surrendered
  • Interviewed with Animal Rescue Professionals Association

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About Us

OUR MISSION is to offer education and outreach services that will help expand the understanding of the Human-Animal Bond and Animal Assisted Interventions.

WE BELIEVE in helping financially needy elderly people to care for and keep their pets. Each pet provides medical and social benefits to their elderly housemate. Thankful Paws is preventing these pets from going into a shelter or being abandoned through providing regular pet food and supplies to our clients.

Thankful Paws through its education and Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI), is helping the elderly maintain or improve their health. Through AAI - Thankful Paws is decreasing isolation and loneliness, improving walking speed and motor skills, as well as providing mental stimulation through lectures.

Research & Results

Studies have shown that owning a pet can be physically and mentally beneficial for people of all ages, especially the elderly.  It has been determined that just 15 minutes of interaction with a pet lowers both the pet's and person's heart rate and blood pressure and causes a significant decrease in stress levels.

Our clients of the pet food bank are low income elderly people who live all alone - having no one else in their home on a regular basis. Before Thankful Paws, our clients regularly had to choose between purchasing pet food, or purchasing people food. Between filling their prescriptions or that co-pay money to buy kitty litter.  Some clients have even shared with us, that they wouldn't turn the heat on, so they could afford pet food later that month.

It is our client's commitment to love that inspires Thankful Paws to help them. Our clients would sacrifice their own comfort and well-being for their pet. It is Thankful Paws' honor to help them by providing pet food and supplies so they never have to make that choice again.

Thankful Paws is known as the 'rescue before the rescue' and have many success stories of people who overcame homelessness, depression and isolation because of their pet. Please help us continue to help the elderly. Become a monthly partner with us.