About Us

Thankful Paws was founded in 2011 as a Maryland 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Since then the food bank has delivered over 75 tons of pet food and supplies to our clients!

We have also received two Governor Citations, Special Accommodations from the Secretary of State of Maryland as well as numerous community awards and recognition for our charitable work with the pet food bank.

Thankful Paws was Maryland's first mobile pet food bank, and showcased the need for all other pet food banks that followed.  It was through this trailblazing experience that we discovered the need for increased awareness about the value that pet food banks provide not just for the pets we feed, but also for the humans in their life.

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Our Board & Founder

The Founder of Thankful Paws is Lynn Molnar. She was inspired to create the food bank because of her compassion to help others. It all started in 2010 when Lynn and Hero were working at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. A lady approached Lynn asking if she knew of anyone who wanted to adopt a cat. When Lynn asked why the lady needed to find a new home for her cat, she replied because she was living out of her car for several months and with the summer months coming, she knew her cat could not stay in her car while the lady was at work. Lynn was impressed with the fact that the lady was not asking for help for herself, but rather her cat. It was this selfless act of love that kept Lynn thinking about how to help. It would be less than a year later that Thankful Paws was established.

Through the years, Thankful Paws has expanded its services. We believe these services enhance the unconditional love that the clients of our pet food bank demonstrate. It is our hope that everyone understands the value pets bring to our lives.

The members of the Board are Sandra Sittler, experienced paralegal known for her legal intuition and process improvements, Stan Hierstetter, successful entrepreneur and logistics expert, Zach Singer an experienced communications and project manager and Justin Rittenhouse a passionate animal lover and entrepreneur.

Our Sponsors

We are extremely grateful for our continued support from: