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Food & Supplies

The pet food bank is always happy to receive unopened pet food. It is best to donate name-brand food items such as the types you can purchase at your local grocery store or pet food store. Most of our clients are elderly and appreciate smaller bags because it is easier for them to lift and manage. All food items must be new, other items can be gently used.

Our most needed items are:

  • canned cat food
  • kitty litter - clumping
  • cat toys
  • cat beds
  • dry cat food
  • dry dog food
  • dog toys
  • dog beds
  • flea and tick medicines
  • new or gently used blankets and towels
  • leashes and collars

Contact us and we will make arrangements to meet you and pick up your items.

Organizing a Pet Food Drive

Organizing a food-drive at your place of work, church or school is one of the best ways to help our clients!

Contact us, so we can email you some information and plan on the timely distributions of the goods you collected. We are always happy to have the organizers of the food drive go with us when we deliver their collection. It's a great opportunity for you to meet some of our clients. 

A helpful link is the Best Friend's Pet Food Drive Page. It provides lots of practical advice on how to organize, promote and conclude a drive.

Financial Donations

We sincerely appreciate your kindness and financial support. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

A copy of our financial information is available free of charge by contacting us. Thankful Paws is compliant with the Maryland Solicitations Act, the State of Maryland and Federal tax laws and procedures.

For more information please feel free to contact the MARYLAND SECRETARY OF STATE, STATE HOUSE, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 21401. You can also contact them at (410) 974-5534.

Our donations are handled through PayPal.