Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



How do I know if I qualify to receive pet food?

We serve those who are experiencing homelessness as well as those who are low-income elderly people, living all alone. If your income is below the Federal Poverty Guidelines (approximately $940 a month) and you are over 70 years old, and you live all one with no family to help you - then you may qualify.  Our services are designed to help those who are most vulnerable who have no one in their life, except their pet. If you would like to apply, please start your application now, by clicking here.

I'm not elderly or homeless, but I need help feeding my pet. Can you help?

Thankful Paws focuses on helping the elderly and those who are experiencing homelessness with their pet. We understand everyone needs help from time to time, and we suggest contacting your local Humane Society, Animal Shelter, Pet Rescue or ASPCA chapter. Most of these organizations also have a pet food bank. In fact, most people food banks are now carrying pet food - ask your local librarian, or search food banks in your area to learn where to go for pet and people food.

If I do qualify, how long do I have to wait before I get some pet food?

It normally takes a few weeks to go through the application process if you are elderly, that includes: income verification and your consent on our Participation Waiver. Contact your facility's management team if you would like to begin to receive services. They will need to reach out to us, and we will work with them to get you food. If you are homeless, we will work with you to get pet food and supplies to you as soon as possible.

Do you provide food for cat colonies or stray dogs?

No, we do not. Our mission is to help the pets of elderly people who have no other heartbeat in their house except that of their pet. We help people who are experiencing homelessness with their pet, but not just homeless pets.

Where do you deliver food? What's your geographic area that you cover?

Currently, we serve low income elderly housing facilities located within Baltimore County and Harford County in Maryland. We also deliver to tent cities and individuals within Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County.

Where does the pet food come from?

Some of the food is donated from local businesses or individuals who want to help. Some of the food we purchase. If you are a coupon clipper and want to help us - let us know!

What kind of donations does the food bank accept?

We accept unopened bags of dog and cat food and treats. We also accept canned dog and cat food in good condition. In addition to food items, we also collect blankets, bowls, flea and tick medicines, leashes, collars, toys, kitty litter, pet beds for distribution to our elderly and homeless clients. We also need new or gently used blankets and towels for our homeless clients.

All items received must be in new or gently used condition. Due to health concerns, we are unable to accept used kitty litter pans, opened food items, and other items that could pose a health threat to our clients or their pets.

How do I get involved?

Just contact us, and we will discuss our current needs and your areas of interest. We often need help picking up, sorting  and distributing the food donations. Every volunteer will be required to attend a new volunteer orientation.

How do I become a partner?

Thank you! We can't do anything with our support from pet people! To make a one time donation or become a monthly partner, visit our PayPal page, or click the  'donate now' button on the top of this page to sign up. Becoming a monthly partner is the best way to ensure our services will continue to reach those who need it.