Pet CPR & First Aid Courses

Coming Soon! We expect to launch our Pet CPR & First Aid Courses in the Spring of 2019. Each class will be taught by a licensed and skilled educator. Upon your successful completion of the course, you will receive a two-year certification. There is reduced charge for the certification course for members of the fire, police or EMT communities. This is our contribution to them who risk their lives to save human and pet everyday. For pricing and scheduling information, please contact us.


Nutritional Education & Assessments

Coming in the Fall of 2019. These classes will be a comprehensive nutritional study taught by a Clinical Pet Nutritionist. They will include both cat and dog nutrition, diseases, natural remedies, raw food diets, home food diets, breed specific and prescription diets. Other topics will include, herbology, homeopathy, and vitamin supplements. The pet nutritional assessments are done through a private meeting setting.


Community Education

We promote the human-animal bond in all we do. Our educational series is specifically designed to help foster a better understanding of the Human-Animal Bond. Our speakers are Human-Animal Bond Certified through HABRI & NAVC (The Human Animal Bond Research Institute and the North Atlantic Veterinary Community). To request a speaker at your next community or corporate event, please contact us today!


Mobile Pet Food Bank

Thankful Paws recognizes and advocates for the value of the human animal bond. We deliver to elderly people living in a low-income housing facility as well as to those who are experiencing homelessness with their pet(s).

To begin the application process to receive pet food, please click here.